Different Types of Security Guard

The security industry is huge in the current world. The need for security services is rising as many businesses expand. The majority of small and medium-sized businesses are exposed to multiple risks and dangers throughout the year, which is why the presence of a security guard is a necessity. Security guards share the same responsibilities that are in place in a residence as well as a private business or a government institution. The main responsibilities of a security guard for instance, residential security London are to guard property by being aware of, reporting and reacting to the possibility of a security breach.

Each country employs more than 1 million security guards who protect both the property and people. Security guards are an essential element of the economy, and has seen a rapid growth. There are many security guards to choose from, such as residential security London and commercial security, and each is for the specific needs of each.

Security guards of various types provide services

Residential Guards

Security guards are hired by local communities as well as housing structures and villages. Neighborhood watch programs, access control, dealing with security concerns in the neighborhood and acting as a permanent security guard to stop crimes are just some of the ways this guards provide to communities. Night watch is also performed regularly by residents’ security guards.

Industrial and Construction Guards

Security is protected in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and construction sites. These sites often are home to high-value items, materials and equipment that are that are kept secure and safe. As a security guard for industrial sites you’ll be responsible of monitoring the premises, securing equipment and tools, limiting access to the site as well as watching the premises during off hours.

Corporate Guards

Security is also an important factor for corporate and office buildings. Corporate guards are accountable to control and manage access to buildings, and acting as a point of contact with emergency services, making sure that the best security practices are observed, as well as assisting those who enter and leave the campus, and coordinating the CCTV cameras and alarms and other equipment.

Retail Guards

Retail guards are responsible of preventing theft of merchandise and loss from retail establishments. Retail guards do this by monitoring security cameras, securing high-value products, ensuring employees aren’t taking or damaging the merchandise, and examining suspicious activity within retail stores and cooperating with local law enforcement authorities whenever theft is detected.

Event Guards

Security is essential for large gatherings. Large venues for events, specifically, utilize security guards for events to control access, give pedestrians and vehicle traffic control and serve as a deterrent for bad conduct and destructive behaviours that can happen among crowds. Events like ball games, concerts and conventions require the assistance of a security guard for events.

Mobile Guards

Mobile security guards patrol a building’s or campus’s perimeters in vehicles. Security guards who are mobile can be seen at airports, malls as well as community colleges and corporate campuses. Mobile security guards are accountable to enforce on-site traffic rules and parking restrictions, as well as serving as a permanent security guard that prevents criminal activities.